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Live commerce. The future!

Give your stores the tools to create the best shopping experiences.

We are a new sales channel

Brand to Store

Today the world is connected and your customer use their smartphone for movies, videos and shopping.
Let’s them visit your store !


an App 100% Live Shopping.

Génération Millennial

The Millennials generation join your Live Shopping session, interact with your seller and purchase instantly.
Everything is done Live!

Turn every online visitor into a customer.

See how Live2Store works

Learn how easy it is to get started, online and in-store. Connect with our team to schedule a demo.

Never miss another sale.

10 + 6 =

How does it work?

A fashion addict customer schedules a live on your store. Customers get notified 10 minutes before.

He/she can show the products live for 1h to customers in his/her living-room on the Live2Store app.

The Live Shopping session start with the seller with a strong and unique interactive experience.

During the live. customers can buy through an embedded e-shop with Stripe or Apple Pay.

The product is delivered from the store to the customer’s door.

We’re here to help you grow, every step of the way.